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Click Critters (Pokeplushies)
The first 2 were adopted on 13th October 2008 and they hatched on 1st November 2008 :)

The new PokéPlushies

Quality Assurance

Click Forest Puffs


2013 Advent Cylins

2013 Advent Ornakits

2013 Christmas Gifts

Dragon Cave
Cleopatra, Caesar and Fridolini!
Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

So I saw Valenth is down … Been wondering why I wasn’t able to see the icons anymore and found out that the site has been shut down in February 2014. What a pity, I had adopted many new ones just recently xD Luckily, I did save pics of every adoptable right on my pc so I still have my cute pets! No reaction when being clicked, but they are still there :)

[Useful Link: Food for your Valenth adoptable]

Pokémon everywhere!

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