TDUMS 28/04/2015 2

“Crumble”, huh? What a strange name for him. His brothers probably would have laughed at him, they always had. Even though he had been born into a royal family, there had been annoying siblings, really annoying. He had had to prove he was strong and just as cool as the others and he had learned that after some time.
Right now, you could describe Crumble’s life as relaxed and peaceful. Yet, he still planned to find a way back home. These magic books could really come in handy and he started reading a lot to find out more about the world of magic. There was a lot of basic knowledge he already had but why not get deeper into it?
Maybe that woman could also be of help, she seemed to have acquired some skills already. She was far from perfection though and Crumble was sure he could make her a better magician by pushing her to important things. Stella would help him get home.

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