TFMS 08/06/2015 2

8th June 2015 ^-^

’tis my birthday today! Yay! <3 HAPPY TIFA ^-^

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2 thoughts on “TFMS 08/06/2015

  • Astrocat

    It was evening and all a bit tired, but there was something special in the air.
    Tiffy was happy had it all figured out, approaching Astro to say something in his ear.
    The muzzle of Astro lights, perhaps need something special to celebrate an important moment.
    Then the river infinto takes a little flower, but Astro is really small, how do.
    But as Astro and the most beautiful cat in the world and keeper of the stars, he has a idea.
    He said to Chicco and Tiffy and now all are happy.
    waiting for the sun to catch the sunbeam and redder colors her little flower, but then called in if all the stars more beautiful and form a small and simple sentence:

    Happy Birthday
    Happy Birthday Tifa!

    Even the infinite river wants to be there for the good wishes and so reflects the light of the stars into space deeper!

    I also Marco I add the characters to wish you all the best birthday ever with your family and the people you love!