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TDUMS 17/05/2015 1

In fact, ‘nothing’ was wrong. There was a door standing about 100 meters away from the group, yet it seemed to lead to nothing! Just an open door standing on the island. The first people walked through the door but didn’t come out at the other side, they vanished! Jenna, Crumble and Stella made big eyes.
“This is one thing magicians and other people travelling here are not allowed to tell others when they come back. And another reason why I couldn’t let you and Crumble get here back then. You wouldn’t have known what to do.”, Clemens explained to Stella. ” So how do others know that when they come here for the first time?”, Jenna asked. “They probably have to have a teacher or friend with them, I don’t think there’s another possibility.”
“So what do we do to get to the library?”, Stella wondered. “Well. You have to imagine the library while stepping through the door and you will find it exactly the way you imagined it. The problem is that we are a group and everyone probably thinks of it a bit different. If we all imagined it and walked through it just like this, we would all end up separated. That’s why we will choose one of us to do the imagining job, hold hands to stay connected and then everything will be fine.”
Now Stella knew what she had found odd about the magic school class she had seen walk through the door: they had all been holding hands!

TDUMS 16/05/2015 1

The tickets were for the first flight on Saturday morning and they were all very excited. Last time Stella and Crumble had only been able to visit the entrance hall but now they saw the flying whales close up for the first time: those were impressively giant and intensively magical creatures, being able to fly as light as a bird due to their magical abilities. Each whale offered space for about 20 people on its back and they built a formation of 7 whales per ‘whaleplane’. Even though one way took as long as announced (about two hours), there was nothing boring here because you could FEEL the flying as if you were the whale itself.
Stella, Crumble and Jenna were totally amazed and didn’t want to get off when they had finally reached the Illusion Islands in the sky. This was the place they would find the Library of Magic and yet when they looked around there was basically nothing to be seen except for a rather flat landscape with some trees and much grass and bushes. So what? Nothing seemed to be here!