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TDUMS 04/06/2015 2

Mira almost started crying, “I didn’t know anything like this would happen! I thought it would be fine since my world here is magical, too! The place was so wonderful I wanted to take a little piece of it with me home… Also, I already took it last time we visited the library together and that is long ago! Maybe there isn’t even a connection…”
Stella could see that Mira felt miserable. Especially since now she knew a person had disappeared and might be lost somewhere… Could this book really be the reason?
She hugged Mira and tried to make her feel better, even though it was not right what the girl had done. Yet, Stella knew that she hadn’t expected anything bad to happen and was suffering enough at the moment knowing that something was damaged. “It will be alright (I hope). Show me where the place is mentioned in the book, please. We will find a way to save Clemens and fix the portal.”
Oh how much she wished to talk to Clemens right now! He would surely know what to do!

TDUMS 03/06/2015 1

Stella looked at her in surprise. “I saw a description in one of the books in the library, you see”, Mira explained. “It’s the Green Patch.” – “I can see that it is a green patch…” – “No, it’s THE Green Patch. A place where there have been many important meetings and such, it used to be well-known some years ago. Nowadays there’s not much happening there.” Stella wondered how they could get there, hopefully it wouldn’t be such a long way. “How long will it take us to get there? Can you describe us the way? I suppose I won’t find this place on a regular internet map…”
Mira suddenly blushed and started stuttering “Uhm, well… I would have to remember… Uh…” She looked at the ground and then hurried into her bedroom, only to come back with her hands behind her back. “What do you have there?”, Stella asked, “a magical map? That would be very useful!” And Mira showed her… a book! “Oh dear. Don’t tell me you took it with you from the library. Is this the reason the portal broke?”