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TDUMS 07/06/2015 2

When he woke up, Crumble noticed the two girls searching for a spell or cure in lots of different magic books and was doubting they would easily find something. Whatever Clemens had used was meant to get him safely back home and should not quickly be made undone by new magicians. He must have travelled all the way as a bunny and nobody even thought he could be something else. Yet, since the color of his fur was rather unusual for a rabbit, he might count as a ‘magical experiment bunny’, similar to the ones those ‘magicians’ pull out of their hats.
Oh, Clemens was awake, too! Crumble made signs that he should get to the cat basket and indeed the rabbit hopped towards him. Now was to show that he could be a hero when everybody else was clueless what to do! He started talking to the bunny in rabbit language and after a confused look of Clemens and several unsuccessful tries of speaking right (Crumble understood ‘toothpaste’, ‘Chinese restaurant’ and ‘endoplasmatic reticulum’), it finally worked. Maybe he had used some strange accent before?
The cat asked Clemens about what had happened, which magic he had used and how to turn him back into a human. Also, they talked about how dangerous the Black Raven were at the moment. With the help of his gemstone and the spirit inside it, Crumble was able to let the pen he had put next to his basket write down everything on the paper. The tool was hovering above the ground and swiftly moving across the lines.
Before, he had never had the need to write something down, Crumble’s brain worked well enough to remember anything important. But now he had to tell those humans exactly what to do and this was probably the quickest way.

TDUMS 06/06/2015 2

Jenna took the rabbit on her arms and picked up something else from the ground. “How do you know it’s him?”, Stella wondered. The werewolf-girl showed her what had laid next to the little creature: another postcard just like the one Stella had received. “Because of this”, she added. You have to know that werewolves got better senses than humans and she probably saw this little card from far away… or just followed her instincts.
They hurried to Stella’s apartment to have a closer look at the card: when they put the paperweight on it, the following lines appeared:
“I have to hurry. Will try to turn into a little animal and escape. Please help me when I am back home”
The last words had been scribbled quickly as if he had only had seconds left. The picture on the postcard revealed a photo of his house. He probably didn’t have the time to create something else…
In the meantime, bunny Clemens had fallen asleep, exhausted from what had happened. Crumble curiously sniffed at him and collected a few items next to his basket. Was he preparing for something? The cat watched the rabbit carefully, as if waiting for him to wake up. He yawned. Sleeping bunnies are not known for keeping you well entertained and so Crumble fell asleep as well.