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Oh no! My fugu’s color won’t reset! D:

If you’re playing the game “Hatch” as well and already tried out the colored eggplants, you might have experienced this: after feeding your fugu an eggplant of the same color again, the new colors won’t wear off and the basic tinct of your little friend doesn’t come back! On their facebook page, the creators of Hatch reassure that this is only a non-permanent state though and depending on how many of the same colored eggplants you gave to your fugu, the process might take up to weeks! The quickest way to get back the original color is to give a different eggplant and wait until this color has worn off (which will take a few hours).

Wenn du ebenfalls “Hatch” spielst, hast du folgendes Problem vielleicht auch schon erlebt: dein kleiner Fugu bekommt erneut eine Färbe-Frucht der gleichen Farbe und wird diese dann nicht mehr los! Stundenlang wartet man, dass die Grundfarben des Kleinen wiederkommen … vergeblich. PANIK! D:
Auf ihrer Facebook-Seite haben die Entwickler des Spiels allerdings versichert, dass die Färbung durch diese Früchte immer zeitlich begrenzt ist; sie kann allerdings Wochen anhalten! Der schnellste Weg, um die Original-Farbe wiederzubekommen, ist, dem Fugu eine andersfarbige Frucht zu geben und dann abzuwarten, bis diese Farbe wieder verschwindet. Das dauert dann nur ein paar Stunden ;)

TDUMS 19/06/2015

Crumble rushed into the room and suddenly froze when he noticed a great figure on the other side of the room! Seconds passed and nothing happened, so the cat carefully lit a magic light and quietly shut the door behind him.
Now he walked closer and realized the giant silhouette was a huge crystal formed like a duck – probably the most valuable piece in the whole boutique and therefore kept safe where only the owner would be.
Crumble looked around for a while, yet he didn’t find a better place than the working desk to put the package. He had to make sure the dwarf would find it and right here he definitely would. The cat wondered if he had done everything needed for his mission and then carefully walked back to the door again. Everything should get well now.
Right at the moment Crumble was about to open the door and turn off the magic light, he heard a voice that sounded like stone and metal at the same time:”You’re not going to leave yet, are you?”
He turned around and was shocked – the giant crystal duck’s head had moved a bit and it was now looking right at him!