Elemental Kingdoms has been shut down 10

I have played a game called “Elemental Kingdoms” from Arc for quite a while. Now, to the new year, they’ve shut down their servers without informing their players.
If you were lucky enough you could have seen it on the “Magic Realms”‘ facebook page. That game seems to be exactly the same. The system, the cards (even their pictures), basically everything. They offered to import the Elemental Kingdoms’ accounts, which was only possible if you were at least level 50 though. Now it’s not possible at all anymore because you cannot access the necessary data due to the shut down servers from Elemental Kingdoms.
Which means, everyone who was simply enjoying the game did not have a chance to see the game would be closed and would not be able to transfer the account in time.

In my opinion, it’s really not okay to treat your players like this. At least tell them what’s going to happen and show them their chance to transfer their account!
My computer is going to be cleaned from Arc games now. I was a fan once, but that time is over now.

PS: There was an even worse situation in a monsters game I played longer ago: They announced the end of the game. There were many people who wanted to keep it though and they agreed to keep it online, just without any new events or support. Everyone seemed happy. Then the game shut down nonetheless …

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10 thoughts on “Elemental Kingdoms has been shut down

  • Michael Tillman

    That really sucks, you would think that Arc would let their consumers know what’s going on. Not happy with the state of affairs at Arc. Extremely disappointed…

  • Daniel

    First, it’s Perfect World Entertainment not Arc. Arc is the name PWE’s Desktop App, like Blizzard has Battle.net and Aeria Games has Ignite.

    Second, Elemental Kingdoms has always been developed by Fedeen Games, PWE simply brought from China, like Trion’s ArcheAge is a Korean game by XL Games.

    If Fedeen decide to shut the game down, there is nothing PWE can do about it as they don’t actually own it.

    That said, I’ve played since just after it launched, only found out it was shutting this year when I looked into the “Network Failure” problem. So I agree fully that we should have been informed much earlier what was going on.

  • Magus of Math

    You are right, Tifa… it really was not OK for Fedeen Games to treat their players and customers this way. (They posted about the shutdown on their Facebook account, but I don’t remember seeing an in-game email or events tab announcement from them about it. And it’s still available for download on Google Play, can you believe it?!)

    On the other hand, we should have expected them to mishandle the shutdown. They had been screwing up for over a year… the server problems, the server mergers which were supposed to fix the server problems that didn’t, insufficient playtesting before releasing new cards and skills, etc. I think one of the problems was that the customer service and support group (i.e. the people we complained to) apparently worked for a different company than the developers, so they were extremely limited in what they could do to fix structural problems in the game itself (or when a server had not been backed up for weeks); basically, they could offer us compensation gems or cards, but that was about it.

    While I will miss my clanmates and certain parts of the game (the structure of the game is quite elegant and deserves to be redone), I certainly won’t miss the aggravations the game and especially Fedeen brought into my life.

  • Neil

    1 common reason was also due to unfair gains and help for the main winning team from devs them self’s. Corrupt apple you could say but at the same time the game had a great thing going on and 2 bad that it ended up going the other way.

  • Rob

    What about all the money that was spent on the cards what happens to that should sue them I know I had a account and spent so much money

    • Tifa Post author

      Unfortunately, those companies usually prevent such steps with the general terms and conditions all players have to agree to. They can end their service at any time and you’ve got no chance to get anything back :(
      There sure are ‘nicer’ ways to handle these situations though and they could have done so much better ==’