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Tifa's Funny Monday Service (TFMS)

// weekly updates! //
To make Monday a better Day
I'll try to feature one picture that I found very funny. Mondays. From the totally epic Cheezburger Sites.
So let's get started …

Tifa's Inspirational Quotes (TIQ)

// weekly updates! //
A summary of my posts on Instagram
Didn’t want them to go all unnoticed here, so I decided to make a post once per week with the last few :) Feel free to follow my Instagram directly if you want to have a daily dose of inspiration :D Clicky here

Tifa’s Internet Highlights regular updates
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Tifa’s Series Tips regular updates
Take the Lemon My personal Opinion on Life and Such + Random Stuff
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Tifa's Daily Unknown Magical Story (TDUMS)

// paused at the moment //
For the daily po(r)tion of magic!
I decided to write or draw fractions of a magical story every day and post them on here :)
Enjoy my story!

Tifa's Live Let’s Plays (TiLLP)

// paused because nobody cares //
Gotta play’em all!
Testing some cool games with you at my side! Join me live on Twitch or watch the recorded videos anytime on YouTube!

Tifa Award

I want to give special features to some of the people who I like and whose work I admire ^-^
They shall be called Tifa Awards! sparkle
… The features, not the people .-. Often wrote Tifa Ward instead … Hm.