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  • Art / Gallery

    These are my recent drawings! I plan on uploading the coming pictures for social media on my website as well in the hopes of keeping this place more up-to-date.
    You will then be able to find the drawings here.

    I do not intend to sell any of my artworks and I am not interested in NFTs or the like.
    Just as a heads-up because I’ve been getting strange requests on social media.

    If you are interested in seeing my older and / or other types of pictures, please have a look here:
    ❧ At my social media accounts! I’ve started regularly uploading on all of them, including Patreon! You can find all the links I got when you open the “Social Media Links” list.
    ❧ deviantART
    ❧ Tiffy’s Adventures
    ❧ Photo-Bits
    ❧ Tifa’s Daily Unknown Magical Story
    ❧ Little Writings
    ❧ My Tumblr Drawing Blog

    There are some great places to take photos, please see my recommendations here:
    ❧ Awesome Photo Locations

    I know there are not many photos on here, so I’d like to share my deviantART site with you! There I’ve tried many other art styles and maybe you’d like some of the results:

    Hier habe ich nicht viele Fotos hochgeladen, deshalb möchte ich dir gerne meine deviantART-Seite zeigen! Dort habe ich viel mehr als Fotografie ausprobiert und vielleicht gefÀllt dir ja etwas davon :)

    If you are interested in literature, please check out Astrocat’s stories (written in Italian by Marco – more info on the “Friends” page)!

    Wenn du dich fĂŒr Literatur interessierst, schaue dir doch auch Astrocat’s Geschichten an! Sie wurden von Marco auf Italienisch verfasst. (Mehr Info auf der “Freunde”-Seite.)
    ❧ Astrocat’s Stories

Help my adoptables grow:
❧ The Final Outpost
❧ Poliwager

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