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TDUMS 26/04/2015 2

Crumble was a weird cat. Usually he silently lay there and pretended to be reading books (even though cats cannot read of course), ate some carrots (is that even healthy for a cat?!) or sat in front of a collection of manga figures (Stella had a weakness for those) and looked at them in a somewhat superior way, majestically.
Sometimes he acted like a normal cat though and played with toy mice.
Needless to say, Stella had not been able to find someone who had seen this cat before, was looking for him or knew about someone else looking for him.
She was a bit worried at first when she had to leave him home alone during her time at work. It was surprising that she always found Crumble deep in thought over a book when she came home again. There were always some carrots missing each day (she had to buy way more than before), but he also ate the cat food.
What a strange cat…

TDUMS 25/04/2015 2

The basket fell out of her hand when it suddenly got hit from above and she looked into it, surprised: there was a cat in between all the ruined food! An orange/red cat with pieces of apples, carrots and chocolate all over. The cat watched her in surprise as well and… frustration? Looking at where it had come from, she could see an open window and some balconies of the house she was passing by. So the cat probably fell down from somewhere there!
“You really shouldn’t have jumped from up there, you know”, she sighed. “My name is Stella and yours?” – “Meow!” – “Ah, I will see when I’ve found your owner any time soon.”
Stella went to the entrance of the building and asked all the people who were at home, but none of them owned this cat or had seen it before. Since it was still sitting in the basket, Stella quickly went to the vet just to make sure everything was all right. Gladly, they couldn’t find anything! But they also hadn’t seen the creature before. Too bad.
She took him (as she knew now, she hadn’t check before) home with her and checked the Internet. Neither in the neighborhood nor on the web did she find anyone looking for this cat. Weird! She had to go out again to buy new food and took some cat food as well for a few days. She wanted to ask at work the next day and look around if someone missed the cat, but it might take a while. She also bought a comfy-looking cat basket which she could keep for something else afterwards (as if… but it looked so nice!).
In the evening, she decided that she had to give him a name since they would spent some time together. “Crumble” came to her mind. It was an unusual name for a cat but somehow it felt right.