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  • TDUMS 05/07/2015

    The magician continued:”My name is not of importance, just call me Master. First, everyone take a seat. … Good. Now let’s collect what we know about the catastrophe that might happen soon!” While they kept adding details and everything they knew about the plan this weird Amanda had, the magician wrote everything down in the computer and reflected the whole cloud of facts to the wall.
    Our friends knew more than they had expected and yet these phrases made them feel desperate and weak because they didn’t have an idea on how to get out of this situation.
    “We’ve got a significant advantage on our side”, Master stated. Nobody reacted. “Well, we know most about what Ms. Bernars plans to do and yet she is totally clueless about this. It should be rather easy to gain prevalence and finally win. … But first of all: Mr. Rabbit!” Bunny Clemens looked up. “Don’t you think you would be of much more help in your human form?”

  • TDUMS 04/07/2015

    “You probably wouldn’t agree meeting at the Green Patch so we suggest renting a conference room and preparing our moves there”, Angelo explained. Our friends agreed. “Thought so”, he said. “We should have had a better start with each other and everything would be so much easier. But never mind. I don’t criticize ANYBODY.”
    Was there someone angry about what the Black Raven had tried before?, Stella thought. Did he mean the kidnapping of Clemens?
    “We can start right away. What are you waiting for? Everything’s prepared and everyone’s only waiting for you! Here’s the address. I’ll be going there now.” After handing them another little piece of paper, Angelo turned into a raven again and they let him fly ahead.
    The packing of their books and material took a while but then they went to reach the building by car. It was huge and full of long floors and conference halls. Gladly, they found magic guiding signs on the second visible layer and followed them to the room. Otherwise they might have been wandering in this building for hours!
    They carefully entered the meeting room which was stuffed with books and computers.
    A charismatic magician greeted them cheerfully:”Welcome to the Black Raven’s mobile basement. Let us save the world, shall we?”

  • TDUMS 03/07/2015

    They let the bird in and only seconds later a man with black hair and very dark eyes stood in front of them. He theatrically let a black feather fall to the ground.
    “Good day to you, my friends. I am Angelo. … The mercury and mascot of the Black Raven. Kind of fitting because of the raven, you know.”
    They didn’t know if he expected them to laugh or if this wasn’t meant funny; since he didn’t even smile, they preferred to stay serious. Angelo sighed.
    “Anyway. Since we don’t accept what you wrote we will declare war on your little group. This is our declaration.” He held the letter up in the air. Everyone was shocked and looked at him in despair. “My, my, you don’t have ANY sense of humour, do you?! This was a joke. Obviously. Here’s what you wanted.”
    Stella took the piece of paper in her hands and saw that their agreement had been signed.

  • TDUMS 02/07/2015

    The next day, Mira made a terrible discovery. On her SpiriTab she found the following news: Finally there had been found an organization to repair the portal to the Library of Magic! They had invented a great technique which would take some time but then fix the portal and even improve it, if possible. After this, you might think it was new! On the huge picture Mira was able to see the face of a woman grinning at the readers – Amanda Bernars! Immediately the spirit contacted Stella who had a look herself and then called the others to talk about this.
    Unfortunately, they would have to wait for the answer from the Black Raven before they could do anything. The good thing was that the article had mentioned Amanda’s ‘repair’ wouldn’t be finished that soon. It didn’t say more about the organization or the tools she would use though.
    Everyone was thinking about what to do now when suddenly they heard a knocking from the window. There was a black raven sitting on the windowsill! It had a letter in its claws and looked at them suspiciously, one after another.

  • TDUMS 01/07/2015

    Rufus had to take the written contract with him and saying goodbye to him was as hard for Jenna as it was for Clemens. They promised to meet again soon though and if the Black Raven agreed to their ideas they would even be able to work together again (hopefully).
    Now there was kind of an emptiness for our friends because they had to wait for the Raven’s answer and didn’t know how long it might take. Would it be enough time to tidy up their rooms? Get done all the annoying tasks you always put aside to do later? Write a book?
    Even if they had decided to try one of these, all of them were still with the Black Raven in their minds. Stella thought about raven inspired magic spells, Jenna looked through old photo albums with pictures of the two werewolf kids, Crumble was wondering if there were magically talented ravens since they were said to be very clever…
    And Bunny Clemens? Bunny Clemens sat there and peacefully nommed on a carrot. It may sound weird but there was a part of his rabbit life he would definitely miss…

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