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  • Tiffy’s Adventures

    This adorable little lady decided to stay with me and follow me on my tours!
    Dieses niedliche kleine Wesen ist wild entschlossen, mich von jetzt an zu begleiten und mir auf meinen Ausfl├╝gen zu folgen!

    Doll ┬ę Hasbro
    Puppe ┬ę Hasbro

    Make sure to check out the adventures with Tiffy and Astrocat! ^-^

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    1. ASTROCAT Avatar

      Very nice pictures, I really like the first one with the red leaves, for the balance of the color and the simplicity of the photo, and the river where the clouds are reflected, It seems almost a glass

      1. Tifa Avatar

        Thank you very much! I think I especially like the warm colors in that one ^-^ And you’re right! The other one almost looks like a mirror! :o

    2. ASTROCAT Avatar

      my welcome to Tiffy in the stories of Astro and the endless river !
      I’m sure her sympathy and creativity will bring smile to all those
      who will want to read !!!

      Astrocat :-))))

    3. ASTROCAT Avatar

      A great smile for Tifa e Tiffy !! :-)
      One day Tiffy has entered a trunk because she had seen a mirror , and when it comes out is in
      the world of dinosaurus !!!
      This is just another story that Astrocat building for the endless river !!!
      As Soooooon !!!!

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