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  • Diary of a Slime Rancher – Entry #001

    Diary of a Slime Rancher

    Entry #001

    Dear Diary,

    the first days were so stressful I wasn’t able to write you before.

    I started my career as a Slime Rancher and finally moved to my little ranch. The slimes look adorable and there are quite a lot of those pink ones I had seen in picturs before. Those were the first I captured as well :) I was unsure of how many to keep on my ranch since I’ll need to have enough food at all times. Finally decided to keep 7.

    After many, many walks outside I found a few more variations of the slimes: cat slimes, rock slimes and glow-in-the-dark slimes that even can fly! Such cute tiny wings :D I planted a tree and carrots to have enough food but those cat ones gulp down a whole chicken in one piece! I kinda feel sorry for the chicken :/ So yeah, I gotta keep the birds for food as well. Also, I had to expand their “rooms” and add nets at the top. Some of the slimes are clever and jump / fly out of their cages. They were about to eat all the chickens! Those glowing fairy-slimes need dark cages or they’ll vanish D: Some slimes are huge and they look like a mix between two of the variations. I saw giant pink cats, rocks and fairies – come to think of it, they were all pink. I couldn’t keep them in my vacuum-thingie though. Not sure if I could put them in a room like the others. I’ll have to try one day. There’s so much to learn 

    There’s also a threat! I’ve experienced beeing booped by the cat slimes or spiked by the rock ones (that really hurts!) but there are huge mean slimes, oily black with rainbow-colors. They EAT the other slimes!!! It seems they come into existence at night in the dark and disappear in the morning. I wonder where they’re going. The terrifying faces of the poor slimes they’re about to devour are the worst :( I wish I knew how to defeat them but when I got in the way they quickly started attacking me instead. I ran back home as fast as I could. Maybe I should get a dog or something? For security? I really don’t know, maybe slimes are afraid of dogs 

    Thank you for listening, Diary :)

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