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  • Kingdom Hearts

    Thanks to Square Enix and Disney for creating such an awesome game!
    I'll show you all the parts that I've played (and loved) ^-^ The links go to the epic The Keyhole!

    I sorted the parts concerning the time they play in! So the first game kinda happens in the past, the last one is what happens "right now" … You get what I mean ;)


    Birth by Sleep

    You play as: Aqua, Terra or Ventus
    You mainly fight against: The Unversed






    Kingdom Hearts

    You play as: Sora
    You mainly fight against: The Heartless





    Chain of Memories / 358/2 Days

    You play as: Sora (who's losing his memories)
    You mainly fight against: The Heartless




    You play as: Roxas
    You mainly fight against: The Heartless




    Kingdom Hearts II

    You play as: Roxas, Sora
    You mainly fight against: The Nobodies





    3D Dream Drop Distance

    You play as: Sora, Riku
    You fight against: The Dreameaters



    Please keep in mind that there are already new titles that have been released. These are the ones which I can talk about as I have played them ;) I’ll add them when I’ve tested more ^-^

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