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For some time I enjoyed playing Minecraft :) So I thought it was a nice idea to collect useful websites I stumbled upon while looking for things that helped me in game! I hope you like them as well!

Da ich eine Zeit lang gerne Minecraft gespielt habe, habe ich hier eine Liste mit nützlichen Links zum Spiel zusammengestellt! Ich hoffe, sie gefällt dir!

Minecraft Textures:


Some that I like a lot:
LB Photo Realism Texture Pack (I removed the link because my security plug-in says it might be harmful)
Steelfeathers Enchanted Pack

Minecraft Skins:


General Info:

Minecraft Wiki
Items on Minecraft Wiki

Useful Minecraft Apps:

Crafted: Cheat Guide for Minecraft
Places for Minecraft

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Minecraft Shaders
1 year ago

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