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  • In need of help … Twitch!

    OMG … this was just the worst stream ever seen D: I couldn’t get things right and even after setting everything in place I still got lots of problems while streaming! I had created a Twitch account and tried for hours to get a stream working. And now there are still so many problems …
    It would be so awesome if someone could tell me what I can do to improve the streaming!!!

    I got:
    – Windows 7 PC
    – iPad with game
    – Reflector 2
    – XSplit Broadcaster

    – Selecting the Reflector window doesn’t work so I had to select a part of the desktop where I had put the window of the iPad screen. There kept coming notices from Twitch and they went all through the stream because of this ==’ I don’t know why XSplit doesn’t recognize the window, it always used to work with the LoiLo Game Recorder (no streaming possible though, sadly)!
    – The framerate is really bad! It was terrible for playing, too laggy for anything!

    Oh dear … Why did I even start this on a Friday evening ==’ Now I’ll have to spent all weekend to get it right. Please help ;^;

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