No Global Link for Pokémon Black and White?

Okay, so I know I am almost 2 years late because I haven’t played Pokémon (or at least the online Dream World) for quite a while. When trying to log into my account and starting the synchronisation I was confronted with the problem that my Pokémon White simply isn’t supported anymore, they’ve completely removed these versions (Black, White and Black 2, White 2) from the service.
I know this is ranting and probably not qualified =P Yet I am sad to see that online games do have so many disadvantages! Just like my post about DMT before and also this problem now.
Certainly, the companies need to add the new games and such but is it that much afford to leave just a bit of something for the old versions? Meh.
Hoping that the “real” content of my Pokémon game is still on there though ;)

Never mind … I still love the Pokémon series for all the fun it gave me as a child and even now (I recently discovered the variety of games I got from them – more than I had remembered!)! As long as the normal game still works, I’ll be perfectly fine ^-^
Otherwise, be prepared for a huge ranting post again! xD

Please remember it is important to buy those games rather early then (at least not a few years late) if you want to use all online functions!

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