Guide for Otogi: Spirit Agents


– Every fight consumes energy. You regain 1 energy every 5 minutes.
– Your maximum energy increases when levelling up.
– One free jewel summon per day at lunchtime.
– The daemon you choose as your avatar is also the one others can borrow from you.

Daemons & Fighting

– There are 3 different spirit types: Phantasma, Divina and Anima. Phantasma is strong against Anima, Anima is strong against Divina and Divina is strong against Phantasma.
– There are 3 different positions: Melee, Ranged and Healer. Melee cards have got more life (HP) but deal less damage (ATK) than ranged cards. Healers will heal instead of dealing damage as long as there is a team member in need of being healed.
– Every daemon has got an active skill which can be manually or automatically (in autoplay) triggered in battle.
– Most 4 star and 5 star daemons have one or two passive skills that will unlock when reaching a certain level (depends on the daemon). Some of these passive skills can only be actived after a limit break (see later).
– Using a skill will cost skill points which you gain while fighting. After using a skill the cost of this skill will increase by one point up to a maximum of 3. After some time the cost will decrease again.
– You can enhance (= level up) daemons by offering them other daemons or experience (EXP) cards, so-called “magatama“.
– When you enhance a daemon with exactly the same card this will cause a limit break of the enhanced daemon. That means the maximum level of this card has increased by 5.


– Your team consists of 4 active daemons and 2 helpers. The helpers contribute their spirit type and their passive skills.
– You can create up to 5 different teams that can also be renamed.
– In every fight you will borrow one daemon either from a friend, guild member or stranger.
– Activating skills of daemons you borrowed from a stranger will always cost 3 skill points.
– Your team gets an attack bonus if your team leader’s spirit type is strong against the enemy’s.
– Your team gets a second random bonus if your whole team consists of this type (including helpers and the borrowed daemon!).

Summon & Exchange

– You gain summon points when others borrow your daemon and when you contribute soulstones to your guild.
– These points can be used for “normal” summons.
Jewel summon is free once per day.
– On the Summon page there’s also a tab “Exchange“. Here you can exchange daemons for mochi which you can acquire through events or as a quest reward. The daemons there are only availale for a certain time. Pay attention to their passive skills: you might need the daemon more than once to reach the required level through limit break!


– There are different types of events.
Daily events: magatama (the whole day), soulstone dungeons (in the evening) and certain daemons (see a list of events right here).
Events to gain mochi or invokers (to trigger a jewel summon) happen sometimes as well! Mochi event is at the same time as the free jewel summon (luchtime).
– There are tower events and conquest events from time to time (there will be an official announcement beforehand).
Tower events resemble the design of the original story: there are fights and conversations, divided up in several chapters; each chapter features one specific boss daemon. You gain event items that can be traded for cards; after finishing each chapter you will get their boss daemon as a reward.
Conquest events feature only one boss daemon that grows stronger and stronger with each fight. You will get certain card rewards at specific levels.

Tips & Tricks

– Use the free jewel summon every day and take part in mochi and invoker events.
– Be sure to check the times for the free summon and the daily events! It’s one hour shifted for me because of winter time.
– There’s a little present below every notice of the developers. Make sure to grab it! <3
– It’s hard to get an overview over the best daemons for your teams when you’ve already collected quite a few. I’ve made a text document and added the active and passive skills of each 4 star and 5 star daemon I own to figure out who’s going to be an active team member and helper. It’s a bit tricky since some passive skills cannot be unlocked until the daemon gets a limit break.
– Check newly gained daemons as soon as possible. Maybe their skills can boost your team!