Heroes of the Storm

Worst support ever?!? – Heroes of the Storm

So. I am honestly pretty much p***** off right now.
When you encounter a bug in Heroes of the Storm you are forced to write in the forum because you cannot submit a ticket for this category.
It wouldn’t be so bad if someone actually had a look at these posts.

The story:
My friend and I have played Team League together at all times to keep the same rank in any case. Last week, on 18th June 2017, my friend’s game suddenly skipped a demotion match so that he already fell a rank and I still have the demotion match to play. We have the matches on video, you can see we played them together. We played the matches together whenever we were on Team League. Now we are one division apart. Our system’s totally screwed up.
Of course we immediately wrote in the forum but didn’t get an answer at all. “You really need to help us here, guys. Please respond.”

No response. Of course not.

I don’t demand people who honestly care about the players’ problems. All I demand is people who try to solve these problems, be it only apologizing if they cannot do a thing about it. Maybe give out compensations since it’s the game messing up. Not answering at all is the worst the so-called “support” can do about this. It shows they don’t give a ****. I know I should have learned from this before (I never saw them react to anything that’s been posted in the forum) and not play this **** anymore. And then, I still kept supporting it, playing it, streaming it. But they never supported me and I am quite mad now. Really, guys. Why do you treat your players like this? We all know you don’t care about us, thank you.

“It’s just a game”. That’s true. It’s not “important” compared to other things. And yet it’s something I do in my free time, something I choose myself. Something that is supposed to be fun… I should select a game that’s run by some good people, right? A game that’s got a running support and people who at least PRETEND to care. Hah.

Please tell me if you know such a game. In case it exists. Or your experiences if you’ve encountered similar situations.

By the way: In case you actually succeed to submit a ticket (having to choose a different category), they will only tell you that they cannot change anything about it, no apologize, compensation or anything. Not even a mere “sorry”.
It would have surprised me.

Training Heroes of the Storm – Friend IDs?!

Hi there everybody ^-^
Currently I am training in Heroes of the Storm, mainly playing Malfurion. Sometimes I’ll use different heroes to fulfill the daily quests and collect some gold. Feel free to send me your friend ID so we can play together!

Hallo allerseits :)
Momentan übe ich mich in Heroes of the Storm, hauptsächlich spiele ich Malfurion. Manchmal wähle ich auch eine anderen Helden, um die Tagesquests erfüllen zu können (GOLD <3). Sende mir doch gerne deine Freunde ID, damit wir mal zusammen spielen können!