Waiting in Unison for Ayakashi 2? – Awesome game ahead

Soo … it’s been a while since the developers of the new Ayakashi mentioned a date the game would appear. Ever since we’ve been teased with beautiful drawings of our beloved characters but the date has been moved from October (apparently …) to January! So there’s still a little time left (prepared any time though <3). I hope it's not a mistake sharing the awesome game I found while waiting! Last time it got erased as well (DMT) ;^;

So I’m keeping my fingers crossed this one will survive until forever and ever! The name’s Unison League and unlike the other two, it’s not a card game. It’s available on both Google Play and App Store. You’ve got to collect and / or craft your best armor and weapons; there’s a guild battle three times a day. In case you’re not online to fight the computer will pick your character and use the available skills on its own! That means even if you can’t make it to any battles your guild might still win if your equipment is better and your level higher than those of the other guild. Fancy, huh? Yet, you won’t be able to gain medals when you don’t join the battles.

What I love about it: You’ve got a separate set of equipment for the looks. I.Love.Customizing.The.Look.In.Games. Hell yeah! You can also customize the skills that you want to have available while questing and battle. Meaning you can mix them as you want! The events give you the ability to gain some powerful armor and weapons. Gems are distributed on a regular basis as well when you’re active.

What you need to keep in mind: Make a plan for your cost points! They’re damn tricky and you’ll need to distribute them wisely to be able to use the best equipment for your character! I used this as a reference for my character’s plan. Be sure to create an account and connect it with the game if you want to be able to transfer it to another device! It’d be a shame to lose all the stuff.

Feel free to try the game and maybe join my guild Chocobos, there are still 5 free slots ^-^
Also, visit the Unison League website here to find out more about the game <3

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