TDUMS 02/05/2015 2

The FWC was located at a little airport one town away from where Stella and Crumble lived. They started their trip on Saturday morning and right when they arrived they could see an airplane that just had started. Strange enough, it didn’t make typical plane like noises, but rather sounds you would hear from whales! On the second visible layer, Stella noticed the plane wasn’t just one big thing but consisted of several “little” pieces… with tails and giant bodies! They really were flying whales!
The two entered the great hall of the airport and were surprised that there were so many people here. Stella even saw a whole class with their teacher, all training to be magicians. She tried to hear what the teacher said but unfortunately he didn’t speak loud enough and she didn’t want to disturb the class (and maybe be discovered as a not-magician and be thrown out, who knows).
“Amazing what magic can do, isn’t it”, a male voice came from right next to Stella (way too close in her view). “I guess this is your first time here, Miss? Oh, don’t look that fearful, I bet I am not the first one having noticed you are only pretending to be a magician.”

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