TDUMS 24/04/2015 2

It was a nice sunny day in the city and she had been shopping (and looking around) for the last few hours, enjoying the time. Her backpack was full of new books to read and the basket in her hand was filled with food, so now she was on her way back home. Only a few more minutes and she could sit on her sofa …There were even butterflies today, so beautiful little creatures! She was almost home but suddenly heard weird noises coming from above! Just as she was looking up something fell into her basket right from the sky and smashed all the food! D:

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2 thoughts on “TDUMS 24/04/2015

  • Astrocat

    She looked at what had happened and saw above her butterflies laughing and did not understand why.
    He had fallen in the basket a small stone that had ruined the food. She was angry and one of the butterflies came up, and said, do not be sad and angry.
    The fault is ours because when there is sun our game is to blow all together to lift a small stone and bring it into the air, only that we are now few and the stone fell. She heads the good intentions of the butterflies and smiled.
    Now you help me to push skyward stone and so she and butterflies happy, they get the stone so high that the sun had seen everything I send a beam to support the stone.
    The effect was wonderful, you create a new moon so bright that she forgot about the disaster.
    The food was ruined, but the evening light was even more beautiful and because she was living in a place of the sea, the fishermen by the light of the two moons did an extraordinary fishing and invited her and butterflies to a big party that lasts until the morning as the light of the stars and the moons were holding company to the fishermen with their stories and to her with his beautiful fantasy …..