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TDUMS 24/04/2015 2

It was a nice sunny day in the city and she had been shopping (and looking around) for the last few hours, enjoying the time. Her backpack was full of new books to read and the basket in her hand was filled with food, so now she was on her way back home. Only a few more minutes and she could sit on her sofa …There were even butterflies today, so beautiful little creatures! She was almost home but suddenly heard weird noises coming from above! Just as she was looking up something fell into her basket right from the sky and smashed all the food! D:

In need of help … Twitch!

OMG … this was just the worst stream ever seen D: I couldn’t get things right and even after setting everything in place I still got lots of problems while streaming! I had created a Twitch account and tried for hours to get a stream working. And now there are still so many problems …
It would be so awesome if someone could tell me what I can do to improve the streaming!!!

I got:
– Windows 7 PC
– iPad with game
– Reflector 2
– XSplit Broadcaster

– Selecting the Reflector window doesn’t work so I had to select a part of the desktop where I had put the window of the iPad screen. There kept coming notices from Twitch and they went all through the stream because of this ==’ I don’t know why XSplit doesn’t recognize the window, it always used to work with the LoiLo Game Recorder (no streaming possible though, sadly)!
– The framerate is really bad! It was terrible for playing, too laggy for anything!

Oh dear … Why did I even start this on a Friday evening ==’ Now I’ll have to spent all weekend to get it right. Please help ;^;