Alternatives to Ayakashi …

Yeah. Those people really did that ._. Zynga really closed Ayakashi! I was happy when the game still worked on 30th April, but today it was gone. Server connection failed.
I know, I know … Nothing lasts forever. Please bear with me, this is the first game I lost that I really REALLY liked. BUT even though they didn’t care about the fans at all (people at DeNa did a better job and let Monster Match alive, only not bringing any new events or monsters), there still is HOPE :D

1) First of all, there already is a great game called Devil Maker: Tokyo, which offers even a lot more and also has tons of beautiful cards for you to get! Check it out <3 2) Also, there is going to be a new game from the original Ayakashi team, see their facebook page here! I’ve heard that if you send them an e-mail to with your in-game name and game ID from Ayakashi (not sure if they’re really needed, but please send an e-mail ;)) you will get a nice surprise once they’ve set up the game and you start playing it :)

Can’t wait for it to go on the App Store (hoping it will come to the German store as well)!
Mira Miracle_Ayakashi

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