Ayakashi: Ghost Guild

There are still good games out there 2

Since my previous post was quite frustrating I feel the need to point out there are still lots of good games out there. We just need to find them (that’s what they always say, haha) …
I play a few games on a daily basis to grab their bonuses and I still try out a lot more whenever I can to find some jewels :D

My favorites at the moment that could be interesting for you are
– Unison League
– Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary
– Flutter: Starlight
– Otogi: Spirit Agents

Otogi: Spirit Agents is probably my all-time favorite because I had just fallen in love with Ayakashi: Ghost Guild when Zynga shut it down without caring about the players. Some of the people who had worked on Ayakashi then created Otogi and it’s more than just a card game! I adore the style, gameplay and characters you meet. I was so proud when I finally managed to get Nyarlathotep in the current Christmas event <3

DMT closing as well

EDIT: And also … DMT made an event knowing many Ayakashi players would arrive (reaching Level 30 within a short range of time and therefore being granted a rank 7 card)! And now they suffer the same fate? Oh, the irony …
EDIT 2: Here‘s the official announcement by the way.

I mean – WTF?!? After Ayakashi, Devil Maker: Tokyo is now closing as well. AND I JUST THOUGHT I HAD FOUND A REPLACEMENT! It was such an awesome game, dammit! Still is! There should be a way of making your cards and the story available for offline use so everyone can keep what they have achieved so far! I really hate this aspect of online games. Maybe I should only play offline games from now on, then I am not depending on some darn servers which could get turned off at any time!
DO ALL THE AWESOME CARD GAMES HAVE TO DIE?!? Seriously, WHY?!? Weird games can stay because there are enough people paying with real money and the great games that have an interesting story and cool gameplay, they are being turned off?
I am sooo frustrated right now, I was missing Ayakashi: Ghost Guild still and now Devil Maker: Tokyo will leave as well (mentioned 1st October this year).

Only thing left for me now is waiting for Mira Miracle. I just really hope that one will stay like forever and be more awesome than any other game! Ohhh, please!!!



Alternatives to Ayakashi …

Yeah. Those people really did that ._. Zynga really closed Ayakashi! I was happy when the game still worked on 30th April, but today it was gone. Server connection failed.
I know, I know … Nothing lasts forever. Please bear with me, this is the first game I lost that I really REALLY liked. BUT even though they didn’t care about the fans at all (people at DeNa did a better job and let Monster Match alive, only not bringing any new events or monsters), there still is HOPE :D

1) First of all, there already is a great game called Devil Maker: Tokyo, which offers even a lot more and also has tons of beautiful cards for you to get! Check it out <3 2) Also, there is going to be a new game from the original Ayakashi team, see their facebook page here! I’ve heard that if you send them an e-mail to notice@miramiracle.com with your in-game name and game ID from Ayakashi (not sure if they’re really needed, but please send an e-mail ;)) you will get a nice surprise once they’ve set up the game and you start playing it :)

Can’t wait for it to go on the App Store (hoping it will come to the German store as well)!
Mira Miracle_Ayakashi

Zynga closes Ayakashi: Ghost Guild

Zynga announced that on 30th April 2015 they will close down their mobile game Ayakashi: Ghost Guild.
I find this very sad ;^; It’s been one of my most loved games on the iPod and I’ve really fallen in love with the awesome character of Mira! ^-^ I’ve signed a petition just in case, maybe we can accomplish something :)

You can find the petition here: https://www.change.org/p/zynga-stop-the-closure-of-ayakashi-ghost-guild
It’s worth a try …


Zynga hat nun offiziell bestätigt, dass das Spiel am 30. April eingestellt wird. Mir ist es wirklich ans Herz gewachsen, besonders Mira! <3 Deshalb finde ich es sehr schade, dass diese Entscheidung getroffen wurde T-T Dennoch gibt es im Internet eine Petition, mit der wir vielleicht etwas erreichen können - schaden kann es jedenfalls nicht! Hier ist der Link: https://www.change.org/p/zynga-stop-the-closure-of-ayakashi-ghost-guild