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  • DMT closing as well

    EDIT: And also … DMT made an event knowing many Ayakashi players would arrive (reaching Level 30 within a short range of time and therefore being granted a rank 7 card)! And now they suffer the same fate? Oh, the irony …
    EDIT 2: Here‘s the official announcement by the way.

    I mean – WTF?!? After Ayakashi, Devil Maker: Tokyo is now closing as well. AND I JUST THOUGHT I HAD FOUND A REPLACEMENT! It was such an awesome game, dammit! Still is! There should be a way of making your cards and the story available for offline use so everyone can keep what they have achieved so far! I really hate this aspect of online games. Maybe I should only play offline games from now on, then I am not depending on some darn servers which could get turned off at any time!
    DO ALL THE AWESOME CARD GAMES HAVE TO DIE?!? Seriously, WHY?!? Weird games can stay because there are enough people paying with real money and the great games that have an interesting story and cool gameplay, they are being turned off?
    I am sooo frustrated right now, I was missing Ayakashi: Ghost Guild still and now Devil Maker: Tokyo will leave as well (mentioned 1st October this year).

    Only thing left for me now is waiting for Mira Miracle. I just really hope that one will stay like forever and be more awesome than any other game! Ohhh, please!!!



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