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  • Design and Performance Updates, also Art Decision and General Thoughts

    There’s some new things on here :D
    Or rather, I have mainly removed things. Due to performance issues I got rid of all the plug-ins that are not needed anymore. Turns out, I would only have to uninstall a specific one but that’s okay. The less the better, I guess.
    Ever since yesterday TifasPage should be super fast again!
    (It actually has been on the frontend anyway but as soon as I logged in it switched to snail mode. LAME!)

    Today I’ve decided that I want to upload my art here as well (not only on social media). I had tried with the Inspirational Quotes (TIQ) for a while but I think there’s still some that I didn’t carry over from Instagram. The reason is that social media regularly frustrates and sometimes plainly annoys me to a point that I cannot take it anymore. My website should be a place to share my thoughts and works without comparing myself to others which ALWAYS ends up in disappointment. Do you know this feeling?

    While searching for a gallery (I ended up using the built-in WordPress one) I discovered that the feed function only worked for my website if I’ve already added the website to my “followed sites” in the past – the service simply cannot find my website anymore if I try to add it now. I also cannot see the stats in there.
    This is probably because I have uninstalled the Jetpack plug-in for a while since they have switched to a subscription model which I don’t want to support. That’s why I also edited the info on how to subscribe to TifasPage – and basically any RSS reader should work just fine. It also makes more sense in general because those support non-Wordpress sites as well.
    If anything causes problems with TifasPage, please let me know! I’d also love to hear RSS reader recommendations because the websites I like to see are kind of all over the place.

    Thanks for reading and have a good rest of the Sunday!
    See you again tomorrow :)

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