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  • TDUMS 01/05/2015

    The elf at the travel agency gave her a detailed description where she could find the Flying Whale Company and even had some little brochures and tips for Stella to take with her. This was all sooo weird, really. She had read about and seen so many magical creatures, but talking to one and pretending you were used to it was very different and hard for her right now. She must have STARED at those ears all the time. Oh dear…
    Later at home she saw through all the information she got and was very excited. The FWC was open every day for certain times and now she had the chance to answer all her questions once she went to the Library of Magic! Stella prepared her notebook with the questions and filled her backpack with everything needed. She thought of a magical costume (in this case changing her eye color and such) so that other magical people and creatures wouldn’t notice that normally there wasn’t anything magical about HER.
    On the weekend, she would go (or rather fly) find the Library of Magic!

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