TDUMS 01/06/2015 2

The voices were getting louder. Everyone had planned to travel to the Library of Magic and now these people simply cancelled it?! Some magicians even got angry and shouted swear words in another language.
The two police officers spent minutes talking on cellphones and looking worriedly at the crowd. After some time they announced that nobody would be able reach the Illusion Islands today as something had happened to the door portal, it was broken. Nobody wanted to believe this until they presented the video of a camera near the door which had filmed an old magician walking through the door, afterwards a loud FIZZLE CRRK SHHH and the door went black. It had already happened early this morning and the man was still somewhere between space and time, probably. At least he had not returned…
Now there was nobody left who still wanted to go there. “The door cannot be used until it has been fixed and tested. Unfortunately, the experts don’t know what to do yet.”
Everyone was sent home, the whales had to take them back to the airport. You could tell they where all disappointed and also shocked. Who could have done this to the door? It had never broken before! And why? …

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8 years ago

Tifa compliments the story is developing very well, I like, because it has suspense and even a little dramatic.
A little I’m also learning from your story :-)