TDUMS 01/07/2015

Rufus had to take the written contract with him and saying goodbye to him was as hard for Jenna as it was for Clemens. They promised to meet again soon though and if the Black Raven agreed to their ideas they would even be able to work together again (hopefully).
Now there was kind of an emptiness for our friends because they had to wait for the Raven’s answer and didn’t know how long it might take. Would it be enough time to tidy up their rooms? Get done all the annoying tasks you always put aside to do later? Write a book?
Even if they had decided to try one of these, all of them were still with the Black Raven in their minds. Stella thought about raven inspired magic spells, Jenna looked through old photo albums with pictures of the two werewolf kids, Crumble was wondering if there were magically talented ravens since they were said to be very clever…
And Bunny Clemens? Bunny Clemens sat there and peacefully nommed on a carrot. It may sound weird but there was a part of his rabbit life he would definitely miss…

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