TDUMS 02/06/2015 2

“So what do we do now?”, Stella asked Jenna. They were terribly disappointed and worried about Clemens at the same time. “I honestly don’t know”, the werewolf-girl replied. “We cannot just ask anybody because Kiwi made such an effort hiding the true contents of the postcard. There has to be something secret about it. He trusts us…”
Jenna, Stella and Crumble spent the day searching for a place like this on the internet and in books, yet they didn’t seem to find just the right one. Even Crumble was looking in his books like mad. At the end of the day, all three of them were extremely exhausted.
Later that evening, Stella went to visit Mira and told her about this stupid day. They sat in Mira’s small house and ate some cookies, which made her feel a little better. The spirit asked if she could see the postcard with the photo on it. “Sure, I took it with me”, said Stella and searched for it in her bag. “See, there it is.” She laid it on the table.
Mira looked at it for a while intensively. “Stella”, she said,”I know this place. I know where it is!”

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8 years ago

Stella and I hope that others will soon find the place, even if my imagination that sees the upcoming stories, says it will struggle, but this will be more and more magical !!!
Tifa thanks for this great story !!!
I think a great idea, I will tell in the next few days !!!!!
Smilessssss Astro ^-^