TDUMS 02/07/2015

The next day, Mira made a terrible discovery. On her SpiriTab she found the following news: Finally there had been found an organization to repair the portal to the Library of Magic! They had invented a great technique which would take some time but then fix the portal and even improve it, if possible. After this, you might think it was new! On the huge picture Mira was able to see the face of a woman grinning at the readers – Amanda Bernars! Immediately the spirit contacted Stella who had a look herself and then called the others to talk about this.
Unfortunately, they would have to wait for the answer from the Black Raven before they could do anything. The good thing was that the article had mentioned Amanda’s ‘repair’ wouldn’t be finished that soon. It didn’t say more about the organization or the tools she would use though.
Everyone was thinking about what to do now when suddenly they heard a knocking from the window. There was a black raven sitting on the windowsill! It had a letter in its claws and looked at them suspiciously, one after another.

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