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  • TDUMS 04/05/2015

    Now that was some great advice, taking her dream away. But she wouldn’t give up that easily just because of some idiot thinking he was smarter than her. Yet, she had already read about fights between magicians and how deadly some of them had ended. Maybe she should consider… But it was her dream! Always had been!!!
    He noticed that she was fighting the thought in her head and was about to cry. Stella didn’t dare look this damn person in the eyes now.
    “Hey, listen”, he said mildly. “Here’s the deal: I will test your skills in a fight right now and if you win you can keep on using magic.” Stella nodded, not knowing what else to do. Crumble looked rather worried as well.
    They went outside, where some magicians were already training on a field next to the airport. The stranger gave her a few minutes to recover and find strength again. When it finally started, Crumble sat at the side and watched them.
    Stella had to block his fire magic with water and his earth attacks with a magical shield, dodged some of the spears that suddenly came flying and had to keep jumping and running to not be hit by anything else. When it came to magic poison and similar, Stella didn’t stand a chance. She hadn’t even been able to attack for once, could only try to defend herself from what came.
    She fell to the floor and started crying. So that was it? That was her dream, shattered? This easily she would have died against another magician… ? Crumble came running towards her and wanted to make her feel better.

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