TDUMS 04/07/2015

“You probably wouldn’t agree meeting at the Green Patch so we suggest renting a conference room and preparing our moves there”, Angelo explained. Our friends agreed. “Thought so”, he said. “We should have had a better start with each other and everything would be so much easier. But never mind. I don’t criticize ANYBODY.”
Was there someone angry about what the Black Raven had tried before?, Stella thought. Did he mean the kidnapping of Clemens?
“We can start right away. What are you waiting for? Everything’s prepared and everyone’s only waiting for you! Here’s the address. I’ll be going there now.” After handing them another little piece of paper, Angelo turned into a raven again and they let him fly ahead.
The packing of their books and material took a while but then they went to reach the building by car. It was huge and full of long floors and conference halls. Gladly, they found magic guiding signs on the second visible layer and followed them to the room. Otherwise they might have been wandering in this building for hours!
They carefully entered the meeting room which was stuffed with books and computers.
A charismatic magician greeted them cheerfully:”Welcome to the Black Raven’s mobile basement. Let us save the world, shall we?”

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