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  • TDUMS 05/05/2015

    “Great job!”, she heard the man’s voice after she finally stopped crying like mad and kept sobbing. Oh, what irony! Why did he even have to say that?! What a &%„!?¿€!
    He walked towards her because she didn’t answer anything. “Hey.” – “I HAVE TO GIVE UP MY DREAM JUST BECAUSE OF YOU, YOU DAMN IDIOT! I LOST, AND I ALWAYS WILL!” She didn’t care if people heard her now or looked at her. It didn’t matter anymore.
    He waited for a while and finally said “You silly. You couldn’t have won against me. Don’t take that personally, but it’s true. I’ve grown up with magic, it has always been a part of mine. I wanted to test if your will is strong and if you have enough passion for magic to be its master and not the other way around. There are people who let the magic control themselves and that really dangerous, so I had to make sure what you are like. ‘Great job’ was honestly meant that way.”
    She looked up through her red eyes. “Really?” – “I am saying the truth.” He hesitated. It seemed to be a hard decision for him to say this, “If you agree, I will train you to be strong enough to fight other magicians.”

    She liked the fact he had said ‘other’ and not ‘real’.

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    1. ASTROCAT Avatar

      Is coming out quite a character , Stella has really strong charachter :-)

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