TDUMS 05/06/2015 1

After looking through the book from the front to the back and the other way around, all they had found was that the Green Patch was located next to a forest. Of course the text didn’t mention which forest exactly…
The next day, Stella told Jenna what Mira had found out about the place displayed on the postcard (she didn’t mention the stealing of the book though). They agreed to search through the forest near the city because this was the only clue they had found so far. Maybe there was a portal again? Hopefully it wasn’t broken as well!
After several hours in the forest, Stella suddenly spotted a bright something on what seemed to be the edge of the woods. Could this finally be the way to the Green Patch?!
Quickly coming closer, one could see it was a little rabbit on the ground, shining with greenish-yellow fur and nomming on a carrot. “Kiwi!!!”, Jenna shouted and hurried to it.

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8 years ago

Cute Kiwi , the small rabbit !!!!!! Nice ^-^