TDUMS 05/07/2015

The magician continued:”My name is not of importance, just call me Master. First, everyone take a seat. … Good. Now let’s collect what we know about the catastrophe that might happen soon!” While they kept adding details and everything they knew about the plan this weird Amanda had, the magician wrote everything down in the computer and reflected the whole cloud of facts to the wall.
Our friends knew more than they had expected and yet these phrases made them feel desperate and weak because they didn’t have an idea on how to get out of this situation.
“We’ve got a significant advantage on our side”, Master stated. Nobody reacted. “Well, we know most about what Ms. Bernars plans to do and yet she is totally clueless about this. It should be rather easy to gain prevalence and finally win. … But first of all: Mr. Rabbit!” Bunny Clemens looked up. “Don’t you think you would be of much more help in your human form?”

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