TDUMS 06/05/2015 2

The man’s name was Clemens Kiwing. They practiced twice a week for a few hours and most of the questions Stella had written down could easily be answered during these trainings. She was a bit sad they didn’t travel do the Library of Magic yet but he promised to do so as soon as she was prepared enough. She agreed because now she had experienced how dangerous magic could be. Funnily, also Crumble got trained in magic and he even made good progress. Clemens thought up special tasks for him to train his magical abilities and keep Crumble entertained while they were practicing as well. Maybe he wanted to keep Crumble from influencing Stella? She didn’t know for sure because Clemens usually was rather silent and only talked when necessary. It sometimes seemed to be difficult for him to phrase magical definitions and explanations in a way he hoped she would understand, but he did a good job.
They also trained fighting on the field next to the airport on a regular basis to track her progress. One day, there was a person or creature sitting in the dark of some trees watching them for the whole time. Stella felt uneasy and she got worried when she noticed that ever since that day, the person or creature kept visiting all their fighting sessions and never left before they had finished.

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8 years ago

The school of magic is really very interesting , but Stella and Crumble have an assignment magic as soon ?
It may be an idea ;-)