TDUMS 07/05/2015 2

Clemens said he hadn’t noticed anything strange, yet Stella always saw a shadow between the bushes and trees, watching them. Even Crumble looked into that direction but didn’t dare find out what it was. In a break, Stella carefully went to the place she had seen the creature and found nothing… She could feel a scent of magic though, as if someone had just left a few seconds before. Stella really wanted to discover what happened there so whenever she found the time while training, she quickly jumped right into the nature (summoning a shield around here just in case), hoping to finally catch whatever had been watching them. Each time there were only the little pieces of magic left, somehow scaring her.
One day, Clemens attacked Stella with a giant ball of fire plus a lightning and she had to block them with a bubble shield as she couldn’t use water because of the eletricity. He felt victorious as she was struggling with the magic and grinned. Right then they heard a loud cracking, leaf-moving sound and a big shadow rushed towards Clemens, jumping at him!

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8 years ago

Stella will one day surpass the magic of Clemens and become the most good,
she has one more friend : Crumble !!!
I like this story !!! Astro-Smiles :-)