TDUMS 08/05/2015

His reaction was as fast as the wind and almost too quick for Stella’s eyes: within no time Clemens caught the shadow with a magical net right next to his head! You couldn’t see much at first, just a big pair of furry ears and a long fluffy tail. After a few seconds this picture changed and a girl was sitting in the net, hanging in the air.
Stella’s mouth dropped open as he let the net sink down to the ground and hugged the girl like a long-lost relative.
“What are you doing here? Such a great surprise!” – “I stalked you, you know…” – ” So that was the familiar feeling I suddenly got…” The two of them grinned at each other and Stella got more and more confused: who WAS this girl?! They kept talking for a while about the most important things that had happened (which were a lot it seems).
Suddenly Clemens turned around and said “Stella, you should get to know Jenna, my werewolf-sister!”

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