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  • TDUMS 08/06/2015

    Crumble got to know that Clemens used a potion he had prepared beforehand and had always kept hidden in his clothes for emergency situations. He did never expect such a situation to happen, but better be prepared for anything (I bet you also know the question of taking an umbrella with you or not? If you don’t take it, even if the sun is shining like mad when you leave home, it will most certainly rain later on when you have to get back again. If you DO take the umbrella, it probably won’t rain at all. But you also won’t get rained on for sure. Hm. If you don’t know this problem it’s just me D:)…
    The potion had been designed to turn Clemens into whatever creature he needed to become in this situation and HOW LONG he needed to be in this form. Unfortunately, Clemens had prepared this potion very long ago. Very, very long ago. And even though these little magical drinks usually don’t lose any of their abilities if kept in a suited little glass, the feature ‘as long as needed’ seemed to have worn off. Clemens had only realized that short before drinking it, while writing the quick letter. He had heard about this problem before and that’s also why certain potions should be mixed again after a specific time to make sure they would still work correctly.
    He had to admit, for now it was too late…

    One response to “TDUMS 08/06/2015”

    1. ASTROCAT Avatar

      Tifa, sometimes it’s nice to play with the reader, in the sense to break a little history when it becomes too magical or too long, or to try to create atmosphere, here you tried :)
      Did you come up spontaneously, test more forward, is like taking a breath and then resume the story even more beautiful :))))

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