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  • TDUMS 09/04/2015

    This was a typical Saturday night for little Stelly, Sternchen or simply Stella, a little girl with big dreams. Together with her parents she witnessed a magic show where a young magician performed amazing pieces of art, as you could call it best. Stella quickly learned that these were just “tricks” and no true magic, which made her sad. The other guests always started discussing after the show, wondering how the magician had actually tricked them. They DID enjoy it, but Stella would rather pretend all of this had been real magic, no hidden mirrors or something.
    Today, her parents spent some time at the little “Magic Shop” that had been set up near the entrance and offered all kinds of books and little toys. Sternchen was bored and looked around in the hall. There were so many people who had also been fascinated by the show! One man was desperately searching for something in his pockets. Apparently, it must have been something to light the cigarette he held in his mouth. He didn’t seem to find anything and nobody else seemed to notice him even though the noises he made while searching had been rather loud, so thought Stella.
    Suddenly, the man looked around carefully, not taking notice of Stella, held one hand around the cigarette and when he took it away again it was burning! No tools or anything to be seen.
    Stella stared at him in amazement. Was there something like “true magic”? Unfortunately, right now her Mum and Dad were done at the shop and took her back home. She’d really liked to keep an eye on that weird man…

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