TDUMS 09/05/2015

Stella and Crumble learned a lot about Clemens today: He was the son of a rich family and had started early with magical training; Jenna’s parents had worked at the Kiwing’s house so they lived nearby with little Jenna and her big brother. Whenever he was allowed to take a break and felt like playing, he went over to the two kids and they had a lot of fun together. Therefore, the three of them had grown up like siblings and it was hard saying goodbye when they left one after another to find a job or study somewhere else.
Gladly, there still was e-mail and instant messaging but it just wasn’t the same and sometimes they didn’t have the time to write back.
Jenna was a very friendly and caring person it seemed and she also got along well with Crumble (which surprised Stella because of the usual dog – cat problems). They had much fun in the afternoon when Jenna had bought some new cat toys and played with Crumble until he was tired. This time he didn’t even use magic while playing, feeling like a normal cat could be a nice distraction sometimes.

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