TDUMS 10/05/2015 2

From now on, Jenna visited the training and education hours whenever she found the time because she had already found a job and home nearby before she had started ‘stalking’ them. Stella worried at first because she feared getting distracted from the lessons, but in fact Jenna actually made her feel welcome and calm, even though she only sat next to her and rarely said anything. Clemens had asked Stella before if it was okay that Jenna would take part and she gave it a few test hours to find out.
Sometimes, also Jenna gave her lessons: about melee fighting. She knew a lot about falling without hurting yourself and how to knock out the enemy. This was a new subject for Stella but she thought it would sure come in handy when in danger.
Jenna called Clemens ‘Kiwi’, this must have been his nickname as a kid as well! It sounded so strange to Stella’s ears. She didn’t know him apart from the training and they had never met for example to go out or something. Jenna however already asked her after the first lesson if she wanted to accompany her to the city and go shopping or eat ice cream. Stella felt like she had found a great friend in the furry girl.

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8 years ago

Always interesting, even Jenna, I see important character for your story. But you really have so much imagination Cheer !!!!
Smiles from Astrocat ;-)