TDUMS 10/06/2015 2

Crumble’s writing looked like a text from an ancient magic book: old-fashioned, yet beautiful. He had learned reading back when he had been small, everyone in his family had to learn reading (also reading out loud) in perfection, it was an important skill for them to acquire. His parents and teachers had been very strict about this, but it had never been a problem for him since he had always loved reading the old magic books. Mainly because he was busy looking up new crazy little spells or tricks to annoy his brothers or to quickly defend himself when they planned to bully him again. Well, not really bully… But they were quite harsh at times and Crumble didn’t enjoy these fights as much as they did.
There hadn’t been a need to write things down due to the form of his paws (hard to hold a pen or anything), but it was rather easy to learn because he was such an experienced reader and got along well with the letters. Now that he was writing Crumble considered using pen and paper more often; it could be useful to record his heroic deeds while they were on his mind in every little detail!

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7 years ago

I smile Tifa, Crumble in the final part looks a lot like a person I know very well !!!!
It was time now but I expected a super magic Crumble !!!!
Tifa grazieeee !!!!!