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  • TDUMS 11/05/2015

    When Stella came to the training place today, the grass was covered with magical staffs, wands and a whole color palette of gemstones. She was amazed, this was such a delightful sight! Walking around all of these little helpers, she recalled what she knew about this topic from the magic classes she had viewed on video back then: There were many objects you could transfer magic into. On the top ten list there were the things she could see right now, the top three even: staffs, wands and gemstones, be it as a necklace, in a staff or however you liked. The ‘devices’ were not able to create magic by themselves, but they had the ability to strengthen it or store it for the use in bad times.
    Using spells with a wand made the magic itself take longer to hit the target (going through the wand first), but you were able to focus better and also strengthen it. A staff was very useful as you could hit people on the head with it (or somewhere else), stir a giant vessel (never use your hands for that, OMG!) or anything else. Magic for example. Only problem is that a staff was usually pretty long and therefore not that easy to take with you. Gemstones had the ability to look amazingly beautiful and store magic or strengthen it in a certain way, depending on what magic you transferred into them. They all looked so shiny…

    “This is an important day for your magical career, defining you as a magician: Choose one of these and keep it forever, but you may not switch. Only one of these is truly yours for the taking”, she heard Clemens’ voice.

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