TDUMS 11/06/2015 2

“So the first thing we need to do is find a way to the Library of Magic now because we need this book”, Crumble concluded. Bunny Clemens nodded. Crumble wondered if there was another way to reach the library, not having to use the portal. Unfortunately, the rabbit didn’t know any other way. “I am not saying there is none but I don’t know about it.” – “Is there someone who can fix the portal?” – “Well, of course!” Crumble was surprised. He had never heard of such people before. If there existed magicians who could fix the door, why was everybody so angry back then and the police didn’t know what to do?
“Then why didn’t they repair the portal right away?” Clemens sighed: “It’s a bit problematic here again, everything seems to be at the moment… Who do you think is responsible for caring about technical things?” Crumble shrugged. “Oh come on! Have you forgotten everything you learned during magic class?!” The bunny almost shouted now and for Stella and Jenna it sounded like little shrieks, still cute though.
Crumble thought about it,”I guess for technical stuff… Dwarves would be perfect, they know a lot about mechanics.” – “Exactly. The Illusion Islands have been built up by all different kinds of races together. Dwarves were responsible for the portal and similar elements. Unfortunately, there has been a fight between some races recently and that is why I suppose they refused to repair the portal …”
Oh no, Crumble thought. Why do all of these complications arrive at the same time?

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8 years ago

Complicated things can not scare Crumble, the story took its way now clear to me who is the protagonist;)
See you soon Tifa, smilessss !!!

Astrocat ^ – ^ and Marco :)