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  • TDUMS 12/05/2015

    She looked around with panic in her eyes, not knowing how to choose ‘the one’. “It’s easier than you’d think, you see. Each of these has their own ‘character’ due to the magic flowing through it from nature herself. Take them in your hands, one by one, and you will know instantly when you have found it.”
    So Stella did as he said and carefully picked up the first staff. When she closed her eyes she felt the wind in her hair and she was carried up into the sky, over the clouds until she could see the stars. She felt perfectly calm now. Suddenly, the staff took her with it, running and fighting wildly. She was barely able to hold it in her hands and not letting it go, there was so much aggression! She saw visions of flames and people fighting. Suddenly the pictures changed and there was a river, running fast as if in a hurry.
    This was not the right one, Stella knew. She tried all of them, taking her time to see their visions and listen to their voices. So many impressions and characters that she could have gotten lost between them. Some were way to wild like the first one, others she almost couldn’t get in touch with because they still seemed so far away. She visited all kinds of places in the visions, from a snowy region to a crystal palace and got to know many different kinds of personalities.
    After picking up another one, she stood in the sky once again and waited for the magic to carry her away. This time, nothing seemed to happen and she started feeling a little disappointed. She turned around and noticed a ray of light coming from one direction, so she decided to walk there. All of a sudden, a butterfly flew around her gracefully, smiled at her (can they even do that?) and carried on. Stella continued walking the path of light until she came to a patch of grass with a swing right on it. She was surprised: there was a girl swinging! When the person noticed her, she smiled and jumped off. “You finally arrived! I am so glad, I’ve been waiting here all the time!”, she said cheerfully. Stella was puzzled that the girl seemed to know her. “Oh, don’t worry. I am sure we will get to know each other better”, she continued and showed Stella visions of nature, magic and also fights, all flowing at a pleasant pace and she started feeling overflowing happiness because suddenly everything felt right. Finally, she saw herself right there in the vision, fighting side by side with the girl, helping each other win against whoever was their opponent.
    “This is your decision only but I want you to know that I would be very happy if we could become friends. I don’t have much experience but I will try my best for sure”, the girl said, “My name is Mira by the way.”

    2 responses to “TDUMS 12/05/2015”

    1. ASTROCAT Avatar

      It’s happened Tifa , The story flying, be careful drive it well!!!
      The butterfly smile when slamming the wings , so they express their happiness

      Happy !!! Astro – smiles

      1. Tifa Avatar

        I will try my best :)

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