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  • TDUMS 13/04/2015

    // Magical creatures in today’s world

    One might expect that nowadays there are only few – if at all – magical creatures around, because we’re living in a world of knowledge and technology and there is simply no space for mystical appearances. This thought is plain wrong!
    Like many other animals and plants, creatures of magic have learned to adapt to the world as it is now. Have you ever wondered why suddenly your computer is being all weird? About strange dreams at night? Stuff in your shopping cart that you definitely haven’t put in there (but notice at the checkout so you’ll have to buy it to not look all weird to everyone else)? These are often signs of a little gnome or fairy (they can be mean as well… sometimes) having fun.
    If you’re wondering now how they can hide from our eyes – it’s fairly easy: with MAGIC. There are spells which are used to change the appearance of something (or someone). If you’ve got a neighbor capable of using magic (only a few different spells in this case), he might actually be a troll! Funny, huh? This might also explain why he always keeps running into things. No motor skills, those guys…

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